Zhicai Ren  

11 span bridge by Zhicai Ren

June 2024 - 11 span bridge

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This bridge has 11 holes and is located in the Shanghai Pudong New Area World Expo Cultural Park.
Filmed on the mountain south of the park on the evening of May 17, 2024, using ambient natural light.
D800+70-200¼ Focus section 112mm
F14,15S, ISO200. Post rotation cropping, adjusting brightness contrast.

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Gary Walter   Gary Walter
A nice capture of this bridge in the evening hour. The water appears to be in motion due to way the surface was captured at the slow shutter speed. The trees shown in the foreground have wind motion.

The tree on the left of the bridge is a bit distracting. Perhaps a little more crop on the left side would eliminate it.

I made a suggestion to crop as a panorama in the attached image to eliminate the issues with the trees although this takes away some of the natural environment.   Posted: 06/05/2024 05:25:09
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Zhicai Ren   Zhicai Ren
Great, we'll have the opportunity to retake the shoot again   Posted: 06/17/2024 21:34:33

Sylvie Tas   Sylvie Tas
Beautiful panoramic picture. Love the colors, composition, slow shutter....   Posted: 06/13/2024 12:33:14
Zhicai Ren   Zhicai Ren
Thank you, most of my photography is done slowly.   Posted: 06/17/2024 21:35:51

Lisa Cirincione   Lisa Cirincione
Beautiful photo, beautiful bridge. I like the panoramic crop, focuses more on the bridge and eliminates that spike of light at the top. Does Photo Travel allow slow shutter speeds?   Posted: 06/27/2024 19:05:58