Laurie Bergner  

Camel Festival by Laurie Bergner

February 2024 - Camel Festival

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Camel festival, Bikaner, India. This camel festival is famous in India. They have contests with trained camels, like this. Lots of tourists, most from India. Quite a show! After this part they have competitions of best decorated camels.
ISO 100, 26 mm, f/9.0, 1/320 sec.

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Pinaki Sarkar   Pinaki Sarkar
Excellent Photo. I was there at Bikaner this year but missed the Camel Fare by a day. You were very fortunate or maybe you had it all planned.   Posted: 02/09/2024 19:36:59
Laurie Bergner   Laurie Bergner
Yes, indeed, it certainly was planned. I very much planned my trip around that festival. It was pretty cool but years ago I went to Pushkar and that was over the top wonderful. Have you ever been there?   Posted: 02/13/2024 19:39:18
Pinaki Sarkar   Pinaki Sarkar
Nope.I heard about it and also Jaipur literary festival.   Posted: 02/24/2024 06:53:58

Tom Tauber   Tom Tauber
Great action shot. Surprised the camel isn't breaking through that piece of furniture.   Posted: 02/11/2024 17:01:32
Laurie Bergner   Laurie Bergner
Quite an amazing feat!   Posted: 02/13/2024 19:39:41

Phyllis Peterson   Phyllis Peterson
Great capture! You have a good angle to capture the action and the audience in the background. Well done!   Posted: 02/13/2024 18:15:00
Laurie Bergner   Laurie Bergner
Thanks! I actually would have liked to have been really close, shooting up or something, but perhaps you can see that there was no way of getting close. I was one of those in the audience surrounding it. Still, it was pretty cool.   Posted: 02/13/2024 19:40:45

Carolyn Todd-Larson   Carolyn Todd-Larson
You captured a good action scene with the camel and its handlers. The audience in the background ensured that this is a public event as opposed to a paid setup just for photographers. Nice work.   Posted: 02/18/2024 13:37:26

David Somali-Chow   David Somali-Chow
An interesting phototravel. I wish the person in the red shirt did not overlap the camel.
  Posted: 02/23/2024 18:36:21

John Larson   John Larson
Nice action shot. I just wish we could see more of the handler's faces.   Posted: 02/25/2024 08:50:42
Laurie Bergner   Laurie Bergner
Me too!   Posted: 02/25/2024 09:33:23