Stan Bormann, FPSA, MPSA  

Framed Cathedral Rock by Stan Bormann, FPSA, MPSA

December 2020 - Framed Cathedral Rock

About the Image(s)

Shot with an Olympus E-M1 Mark II micro 4/3 camera with an Olympus 12-200 lens at ISO 400, 20mm, f/11, 1/200 hand held. This shot is taken of Cathedral Rock in Sedona AZ from to the left of where most shots are taken. This provides the prairie and opportunities for framing with trees. It does not provide the open view into the cathedral view of the more traditional locations to shoot the cathedral. Processed in Lightroom with Basic panel adjustments and the tone curve to adjust the contrast.

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Tom Pickering   Tom Pickering
(Group 0)
Welcome to the new PTD IDG!   Posted: 12/05/2020 13:16:25
Stan Bormann   Stan Bormann
Thanks, it is good to see this up and running.   Posted: 12/05/2020 18:43:55

Linda Kavanagh
I like the framing of the trees to bring out the main object. Also the green trees in the foothills lead up to the Cathedral Rock. I think I would have cropped the foreground a bit more and cut it off at the end of that hollow that appears on the bottom left. Very beautiful image and nice to see from a different angle.   Posted: 12/07/2020 20:52:07
Stan Bormann   Stan Bormann
I considered the fall grass what made this image unique from the typical Cathedral Rock pictures we see all the time. Generally the foregrounds are Oak Creek or a rock platform. I certainly could of gotten by with a little less grass however. In these study groups it is easy to visualize crops of the top or bottom of an image. You can just scroll the image up to see a crop of the top or down to see a crop of the bottom.   Posted: 12/14/2020 02:42:57

Dennis Deeny   Dennis Deeny
Nice image. Very good composition. I like the frame and the layers with the grass in the foreground, the trees in the trees at the base and finally the Cathedral rock. Great color too.   Posted: 12/08/2020 12:23:56

Nancy Axelrod   Nancy Axelrod
This is a lovely shot, with excellent framing, great lighting on the rocks, and sufficient detail in the sky to provide interest. You might want to consider cropping off some of the bottom and a bit from the right side, but it is actually fine as it is.   Posted: 12/08/2020 15:44:19

Adrian Binney   Adrian Binney
A lovely presented image Stan with perfect PP. Again, this is a unique location and thus must be fine as a Travel image. I too like the way you chose to use the foliage to frame your subject, thus stopping there being much relatively uninteresting sky.

And taken with an excellent camera system!   Posted: 12/13/2020 06:07:20