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Cuban Chevrolet by Dr Edward Goldenberg

June 2024 - Cuban Chevrolet

June 2024 - Dr Edward Goldenberg


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Sony 6000; tampon 18-200; iso 100; 93 mm; f 11; 1/160

The glorious days of Cuba was characterized by 60's stylish pastel american cars. They have remained an attraction to this day. However, maintenance is not affordable and the american engines have been replaced by Soviet diesel engines.

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Alan Lichtenstein   Alan Lichtenstein
Ed, your image is sharp and the color is good. Cuba is known as the antique car capital of the world and they manage to keep cars of the 50's running. I would suggest that you might have focused a bit to the left and focused out a bit to get the background of the building in your image. IMV, doing that would not have detracted from your subject, but added a bit to demonstrate the image was taken in Cuba. Your image captures both the travel and street photography aspects of Cuba, and it does tell a story that you wanted to convey.   Posted: 06/01/2024 08:41:10

Pamela Liu   Pamela Liu
It is a great image, Chevrolet is definitely caught the eye of attention. However, I have a question to Tom, that whether this will fit in PTD definition ?   Posted: 06/04/2024 04:46:23
Dr. Isaac Vaisman   Dr. Isaac Vaisman
Yes Pam. This is an image that screams Cuba all over. The only place in the world where this vehicles are still in operation and running.   Posted: 06/04/2024 09:56:29

Dr. Isaac Vaisman   Dr. Isaac Vaisman
Doc, the creativity and ingeniosity of the Cubans to repair, construct parts and keep these collector's items cars running is unique. In fact there was a TV series called Cuban Chrome where they showed all the tricks of the trade. Your original image complements the story.   Posted: 06/04/2024 10:04:11

Tom Tauber   Tom Tauber
I was in Cuba in March (my second trip there) and yes, what they do with those vehicles is amazing. One of the drivers told me they use parts from Russian vehicles and also "they have good mechanics). In Havana, they doll the cars up and make them into luxury taxis, see attached.   Posted: 06/10/2024 16:30:39
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