Gabriele Dellanave, PPSA, BPSA  

Venice by Gabriele Dellanave, PPSA, BPSA

June 2022 - Venice

About the Image(s)

I keep digging in my file and came across this image of Venice. Started playing with filters and decided to go with this image. I know is not a perfect image for what I was thinking to do but to me it looks pretty close for my taste. Camera was a Nikon D70; the lens was a 18-70 Nikkor, a lens that I regret I no longer have. f/9.5; shutter speed 1/350; ISO 800. The file was dowloaded and adjusted with LRc, with a final touch of Tonal Control.

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Tom Tauber   Tom Tauber
Very creative and unusual, and very interesting. Because the Venice gondolas have such a characteristic shape, we can make out that that's where the photograph was taken. The reflections in the water are wonderful. Without the gondola, it would be strictly a pictorial image because we could not place it.   Posted: 06/04/2022 01:48:59

Susan Albert   Susan Albert
Gabriele- What a great image. The placement of the gondola in the left bottom pointing up and toward the center, creates the path our eyes take as we are pulled into this photo. Nothing else needs to be in this frame to tell the viewer its location. The water's movement, colors and abstractness (is that a word?) make this very interesting.   Posted: 06/06/2022 13:10:29

Pamela Liu   Pamela Liu
I like the angle of the gondola, the image interpreted the viewpoint of the gondola, very creative!!   Posted: 06/08/2022 00:01:32

Dr. Isaac Vaisman   Dr. Isaac Vaisman
Gabriele, great image of a gondola (uniqueness characteristics) with a very colorful distorted reflections which adds a lot of interest to the image. It is sharp. Indeed a different interpretation for the location   Posted: 06/11/2022 17:29:31