Current Images

PJD IDG Study Group   1 Sports - Administered by John Larson

Motocross Start by Bogdan Bricelj Shot Putter by John Larson Safe at Home by Karen Leonard Strength Test  by Carolyn Todd-Larson Attacking the Goal by Ward Conaway Mayhem in the Goal by Ron Davis

PJD IDG Study Group   2 General - Administered by Subhash Sapru

 by John Larson George Floyd Square by Karen Leonard Three soldiers by Sumit Mukherjee Supply line by Subhash Sapru  by Suman Bhattacharyya

PJD IDG Study Group   3 General - Administered by Birgit Langmann

Manta Splash Zone by Carolyn Todd-Larson Thirsty Bees by Birgit Langmann Waiting in line by Bob Chiu

PJD IDG Study Group   4 Human Interest - Administered by Donna Osborne

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